My kingdom for a bullpen

As we watched the Orioles bullpen implode again tonight, wasting Brian Matusz’s outstanding start at Fenway Park, the question now becomes what can be done to help this bullpen?

Maybe the only current alternative is to switch around some roles among the pen pitchers. Dave Trembley has switched the lineup, maybe now he has to do it here.

Maybe Alberto Castillo and Mark Hendrickson, maybe even Will Ohman, pitch in more late-inning roles.

The fans want Jason Berken in some key spots late. I won’t argue with it with things so bad. But who will be the long guy then? Who could come in and pitch four innings. Some of the pen pitchers seldom ever go two frames.

At Triple-A, there doesn’t appear to be much help right now. Could Alfredo Simon pitch out of the pen after his surgery? Frank Mata and Armando Gabino have had some early success at Norfolk.

Would the O’s even entertain the thought of Jake Arrieta in the bullpen? Or in the rotation with David Hernandez moving to the pen perhaps.

Right now it seems like the O’s have to do something different. Matt Albers and Kam Mickolio can’t be counted on late in the game.

What a shame that the offense and bullpen keeps wasting solid outings by the rotation.

There seems to be no end to the pain O’s fans are feeling this year. Right now, it just never gets better.

I would expect to post a few post-game notes later. Have to admit some of the motivation has been knocked out of me tonight. How could it not be.

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