No lead is safe (updated)

What is left to say?

The Orioles bullpen is the worst in baseball. Matt Albers just gave up a three-run homer to Marco Scutaro as Boston takes a 4-3 lead in the seventh.

It costs Brian Matusz a possible win and he sure deserved better than that. For Matusz this year, more of his runs score after he leaves the game than when he is in the ballgame.

The O’s are getting good starting pitching this year. The problem is, at some point, they have to turn to the bullpen.

Last night, the pen threw 28 of 41 pitches out of the strike zone. Tonight, Albers left one right in there.

I don’t know why, but Albers was left in to face two batters after the homer and gave up a double and walk. I don’t know how Dave Trembley and Rick Kranitz could let that happen.

The Red Sox were just waiting for thier chance.

Updated: Kam Mickolio just gave up a three-run homer to Youkilis. Can Matusz throw 150 pitches next start?

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