O’s build a winning feeling with Matusz on the mound

The Orioles are 2-1 in games started by Brian Matusz this year and 0-14 when anyone else is the starting pitcher.

That is not a knock on the other starters, who have mostly done a solid job.

But the team seems to be developing that winning feeling and confidence when the 23-year-old lefty is on the mound.

Matusz is 7-2, 4.55 in 11 career Major League starts.

Of course, the real test for any O’s pitcher is how do they stack up vs. the AL East, baseball’s best division.

Not only does the division feature three top clubs, but those teams also see the O’s hurlers more than others to help in scouting them. Eventually they’ll all know everything you’ve got out on that mound.

Here is how Matusz has fared so far in his career vs. the East:

8-9-09 at Tor: 2 2/3IP, 7H, 5R-ER, 2B, 3K, LP
8-20-09 at TB: 5 1/3IP, 7H, 4R-ER, 0B, 7K, WP
9-12-09 at NY: 7IP, 4H, 1R-ER, 2B, 3K, WP
4-8-10 at TB: 5IP, 2H, 2R-ER, 5B, 7K, WP
4-13-10 vs. TB: 7 1/3IP, 6H, 4R-ER, 1B, 8K, ND

TOTALS: 27 1/3IP, 26H, 16R-ER, 10B, 26K.

That’s a mark of 3-1, 5.27. Take away those 5 ER in his first-ever AL East start vs. Toronto and his ERA is 4.01 vs. the East.

Let’s say this - it sure looks like Matusz can beat any team, anywhere. I don’t see him coming up short too often vs. anyone, including in the division.

Tonight, he faces Boston for the first-time ever.

There is something a little tougher about pitching at Fenway Park. But look at what the kid did last year in Yankee Stadium.

He’s bound to have some rocky outings this year. But he is 6-0 over his last eight starts and has not taken a loss since his third career start vs. the Angels last year.

Matusz is on the mound in Boston tonight.

O’s fans can open their eyes, feel like they have a real chance to win and have a reason to watch tonight.

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