Lugo and Matusz post-game comments

After Brian Matusz hit Daric Barton in the top of the fifth inning on Tuesday night, the O’s Julio Lugo got plunked by Vin Mazzaro leading off the last of the fifth.

Lugo said he didn’t object to getting hit, but it was where the ball hit him that got him a bit hot after the play.

“I didn’t like that, it was too close to the head. If they want to hit me, hit me below the waist. Don’t throw at people’s heads. Don’t throw high and in.

“It was a crucial run (for us), but you know sometimes, you want to get the message across. I didn’t like it, it hit me too close to the head. I didn’t like that.”

After Lugo was hit and took a step or two toward the mound, some players came off the O’s bench, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

“It’s just part of the game. It happened and you have to let it go. If they hit us, we’ll do the same. It’s over and we leave it like that,” Lugo said.

After Barton got hit he started jawing in Matusz’s direction and it looked like he was saying “that’s twice” to the O’s lefty.

Brian Matusz talks about his outing in the O’s 4-2 loss to Oakland

“I didn’t hear him at all,” Matusz said. “That’s the second time I’ve hit Barton this year. I think I’ve only hit three guys all year. I was just trying to go fastball inside. After the leadoff triple, I wanted to jam him a little and try to get a popup. I had no intention of hitting him, the ball just ran in a bit.

“The next half (inning) when Julio got hit, when I took the mound the next time the umpire made sure that I knew that there was a warning intact.”

The O’s had come from behind to win the last four games but this time they fell behind behind 2-0 and never got even in the game.

“Not every day we can do it. We’ve been playing good but today we just couldn’t come up with the hit,” Lugo said.

Matusz fell to 2-9, 4.90 and allowed runs in the 3rd and 5th and another scored on his record after he left the game in the 7th.

“I didn’t get into a good groove as early as I wanted to. I got stronger as the game went on and did get into that consistent groove. I felt like I pitched well, but some balls found holes today.

“I felt a lot more focused tonight (better than last start). That’s one thing Kranny and I have talked about. I’ve been trying to focus in on not taking a hitter off.”

Matusz recorded his 9th quality start in 16 outings, but he remains without a win on his record over his last 13 starts dating to April 18.

“It’s frustrating. I’m frustrated now but I won’t carry it over to tomorrow. I’ll prepare myself for my next start and let it go. If I start worrying about that, it won’t make things any easier.

“That’s how it goes sometimes, you can’t control that. Sometimes things haven’t gone my way.”

Matusz allowed seven hits and three runs over 6 1/3, throwing 102 pitches.

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