Luke Scott thinks he is DL bound

During a season where a lot has gone badly for the Orioles tonight a player hit a go-ahead home run but pulled his hamstring running the bases.


It happened when Luke Scott followed Ty Wigginton’s two-run shot in the seventh with a solo homer for a 7-6 lead in a game that the Orioles won 9-6 over Oakland for their fifth win in six games, all via a comeback.

Now Scott could be bound for the disabled list.

“Right now it doesn’t look good. Any time you deal with a pulled hamstring, it’s going to be at least two weeks,” Scott said.

“I knew I hit it good, but kind of hit it high so I couldn’t tell if it was going over. My thought process coming around first base was, the outfielders are both converging. I wanted to make sure if the ball caroms off the wall to be standing on third base, so I kind of turned it up as I was getting ready to come around first.

“My hamstring cramped up and as my leg went forward, it pulled. Glad the ball went out, but this is frustrating.

“I’ll be contacted in the morning with instructions on what to do. May have to get an MRI and go from there.”

Scott’s 12th homer of the year traveled 382 feet and he said this injury comes at a time when he felt himself in the beginning stages of one of his hot streaks at the plate.

“Yesterday and today were like the first days I really felt good since that streak I had earlier in May. Like I said, this is frustrating because when I start feeling like this, good things happen.

“I was happy the ball went out and we took the lead, but this is frustrating and it’s painful. It’s like a tightening, my leg cramped up as it went forward. No snap, but it pulled.”

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