Luke Scott’s take on the dugout exchange from last night

Some fans have been wondering about the exchange last night in the O’s dugout in the last of the sixth inning.

Luke Scott tripled on a ball that hit off the wall in right field. He appeared not to be running hard out of the box and ran harder after he got around first base.

After he scored, he was seen talking in the dugout with O’s manager Juan Samuel. On the MASN telecast, play-by-play broadcaster Gary Thorne was critical of Scott.

Audio: Luke Scott comments on his dugout conversation with Juan Samuel

In a brief interview today as he was heading to the field, I asked Scott a few questions.

Here is what was asked and answered.

Melewski: Your take on last night, Juan talked to you in the dugout. Can you talk about it?

Luke Scott: “Basically, Gary Thorne made a mistake. He basically threw me under the bus and said I wasn’t hustling out of the box. It wasn’t about that. I hustled.

“I mishit the ball. In frustration, I slammed my bat down, I put my head down and I ran. I ran and that’s why I was able to make it to third base because I hustled, you know.

“Could anyone score from that, you know inside the parker? No. It’s 318 feet down the line there, it’s not going to happen.

Melewski: What was Juan’s take on it though?

Luke Scott: “Juan, we were talking. See that’s the problem with people assuming things and not knowing what the heck they are talking about. I’m not happy about what happened, what was said on TV.

“Juan and I were talking, I’ve had a pulled hip flexor since the Seattle series. Because of that, you know, I haven’t been able to run very well on it. But, it’s starting to feel better, so I’m actually running better.

“So I was joking with Juan. It’s like Juan, you see that. He’s always joking with me. I can’t send you on a basehit, because you’re not running that well, this and that. I’m like, yes you can.

“That’s been Juan and I’s little inside joke and we were joking around about it. He’s like ‘hey, if you didn’t slam the bat down, you could have had an inside the parker.”

“I’m like ‘no, no, no, I don’t think I’m that fast.”

Melewski: He said (Juan) part of it was sending a message. You don’t concur with that. Juan said that.

Luke Scott: “No, because I put my head down and I ran. Watch the tape. If anyone has eyes, you can see it.”

Melewski: You would say you ran hard off the bat?

Luke Scott: “Like I said, I mishit the ball, I took the bat and slammed it down in frustration, put my head down and ran hard. If not, I would not have made it to third base.

“That’s one thing about me. I’m an open book. Something that pisses me off, I talk about it.”

Melewski: Will you talk to Gary about it?

Luke Scott: “I’m going to go talk to Gary about it because I don’t appreciate it.”

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