No problem with Arrieta facing the Yankees

If the reports are true - and they likely are - that Jake Arrieta is Baltimore bound to start Thursday’s game against the Yankees, I have no real problem with that.

We reported in this space yesterday that Tim Bascom was going to join the Norfolk squad and that could lead to Arrieta in Baltimore and that is about to happen.

It’s about time really. Maybe the O’s were holding Arrieta out to avoid Super Two status, although they’ll never say that, but he sure has been pitching well.

The right-hander has allowed just 2 ER over 22 innings over his past three starts. He pitched just two innings in relief on Saturday, so Thursday is his next scheduled day to pitch.

But how about getting the Yankees for your debut? That’s about as tough as it gets. But he’s going to have face them eventually and the O’s must feel Arrieta can handle that. It won’t exactly be like Stephen Strasburg’s debut, but this should create some excitement around a team that could use something, anything right now.

Arrieta deserves his shot. I feel that once he gets here, he’s going to stay here. He’s made 28 Triple-A starts the past two seasons, and while there could be more to be gained at Norfolk, he seems ready for this next challenge. It’s time for the next phase of his “development” to take part in the Major Leagues. He needs to experience it firsthand and learn at this level now.

Gary Allenson, who managed him at Triple-A the past two years, recently told me he felt Arrieta was ready for the big leagues.

Arrieta-mania? It wont be quite like what happened in Washington last night, but it still should be quite a night.

Fans should not expect dominance right from the start, especially with the opponent he’s about to face, but it will be fun to see what the next O’s pitching prospect in the pipeline has to offer.

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