O’s pitchers among worst supported

It should come as no suprise that of the seven pitchers in the AL getting the worst run support, three start for the Orioles.

Here are the seven getting the worst support in the league. This is for the run support average over nine innings.

2.38 - Kevin Millwood, O’s
2.56 - Dallas Braden, Oak
2.93 - Zack Greinke, KC
3.02 - Ben Sheets, Oak
3.24 - Gavin Floyd, CWS
3.28 - Jeremy Guthrie, O’s
3.36 - Brian Matusz, O’s

The O’s starting pitching ERA this year is now up to 5.11. On May 19 it was 4.43. I think one reason the starters ERA has gone up is the lack of offense. I think it is clearly a factor in Millwood’s slump and perhaps contributed to the recent stretch where Matusz gave up six runs or more three times in a four-start stretch.

By now the pitchers must take the mound every night feeling like if they even give up two or three runs they will lose. It’s just too much of a burden to pitch under. You could say they should just take care of their job and not worry about it. In theory that is right, in reality, they are human.

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