The offense under Juan Samuel

Despite scoring just one run last night, the O’s offense may be showing some signs of life on Juan Samuel’s watch.

Over the last five games, the Orioles have produced 53 hits and a team batting average of .291. They have as many sac bunts, five, since Samuel was named interim manger, as they had up until then.

In the first 54 games, they stole 18 bases and the O’s have stolen four over the last two games and seven in seven games with Samuel, with just one caught stealing.

A major breakout on offense. No way, not even close. But some subtle changes are starting to emerge.

“We are starting to move some guys over and steal some bags,” Samuel said today. “We don’t see guys giving up any at bats. Now with the bases loaded last night, we did not come through.”

Samuel said he sees “more intensity” out of his club and said he can see that reflected in more spirit in the dugout during games.

For a team with an offense that has been this bad all year, I guess you’ll take a few small steps if you can get them.

Some individual hitters have put up some better numbers in the last few games:

Markakis: Is 8 for 21 during a five-game batting streak with three doubles and three RBI.

Scott: Is 7 for 18 during a five-game batting streak with two doubles and a triple.

Wieters: Is 6 for 21 over five games with two doubles.

Moore: Is 6 for 17 with a HR and 4 RBI over the last six games.

Wigginton: Is 5 for 15 over four games with 2 RBI.

There is not a ton to write home about there, but we will see if a slight trend upward for the team and some individuals can carry over tonight and onto the next road trip.

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