Kurkjian’s quote on Showalter

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian knows Buck Showalter probably as well as just about any reporter after working with him at ESPN. During a live interview on that network a few moments ago, here is what Kurkjian said about Showalter coming to Baltimore to manage the Orioles.

“It’s a great fit for the Orioles, that’s for sure. They get as prepared a manager as I’ve ever met in 30 years of covering baseball. They get one of the most observant baseball people that I’ve ever met in my entire life.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in that war room at ESPN watching 15 games simultaneously with Buck Showalter and him looking at me and saying ‘did you see that, did you notice that.’ Of course, I didn’t, because nobody can see what Buck Showalter can see.

“Now, he has a huge job ahead of him in Baltimore. They are going to blow that thing up and start all over as they should, because they are in tremendously bad shape right now.

“But there is nobody, and I mean nobody better at starting over and building something than Buck Showalter. He’ll start it in rookie ball all the way through the big leagues.

“There is no guarantee how well he is going to do, but I promise you that team will play better and be better the second he shows up. And they will look better on the field in everything that they do, because he will insist upon that. That’s who Buck Showalter is.”

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