Monday morning musings

Some opinions for a Monday morning:

*Jake Arrieta’s post-game interview after Sunday’s loss to Minnesota should play well with fans who have been wondering about accountability on this O’s team.

Arrieta took the fall for the loss and should have.

But I think it was a good sign to hear him say “I really won’t accept outings like this and this is not acceptable.”


I would like to hear more Orioles talk like this after a loss. Too often we hear how tough the other pitcher was and what the O’s can take positive from a loss.

Arrieta basically berated himself and his performance for about four minutes while the mic’s and cameras were rolling.

I’m a fan of Arrieta’s talent and after Sunday his character as well.

*One fan wrote in yesterday to ask me if Andy MacPhail would be making any trades to help this team.

Actually any deals that may come this week could potentially hurt this team, the 2010 Orioles, if the O’s trade established vets like Wigginton or Tejada for prospects or younger talent.

But the O’s need to make those moves and not worry how many games this year’s team might lose. Who cares at this point? It’s been a dismal year and holding on to Ty Wigginton to only lose 105 instead of 110 or 115 games is crazy.

Having said that, the O’s can’t give just give players away. Or make deals just to excite fans looking for anything to spice up the season.

*Has anyone noticed that Alfredo Simon is now 14 of 16 in saves? That is a save percentage of 87.5 percent. Mariano Rivera is at 90.9.

Simon has a better current save percentage than Andrew Bailey, Kevin Gregg, Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Rauch and Brian Fuentes.

Not bad for a pitcher who had Tommy John surgery in May of last year.

All I seemed to hear earlier on about Simon was how he could not be a good long-term closer. Right now he is providing evidence to the contrary.

If not a future closer for the O’s, he is someone that should have a role in next year’s bullpen as a power, late-inning arm of some sort.

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