No problem with Wiggy as an All-Star

Ty Wigginton is headed to the All-Star game and I have absolutely no problem with that.

To me, it came to three or four O’s with a chance to make it. Jason Berken, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and Wigginton.

Berken may have been most deserving of all, but they just don’t pick relievers that are not closers, so that just about eliminated him.

For all the good stats Markakis has, the four homers and 27 RBI at the halfway point was just not enough production for him to make it. I know he is outstanding on defense and the best player on the team. But it’s not about picking the best player, it’s about the players having the best years.

In the AL, ten right fielders have more homers and RBI than Markakis - Not ten outfielders, ten right fielders.

Wigginton is slumping right now, but to me it’s not about the last two weeks, but how he has played all year.

Wigginton has 14 homers, tied for 13th most in the AL. He has more homers right now than Mark Teixeira, Carlos Quentin, Alex Rios, Alex Rodriguez, Evan Longoria and Dustin Pedroia.

His current RBI mark of 44 is more than Derek Jeter, Ben Zobrist, Adam Lind, Billy Butler and Carl Crawford.

His slugging percentage as a second baseman is only .588, but Robinson Cano’s is .575. Cano has many more at bats at the position, but Wiggy has been productive.

It might look better for the organization to have an up and coming young player on the team like Jones last year, but Wigginton has outplayed most of them over 80 games, despite his falloff in recent weeks.

I heard a fan say on a local talk show that he would not watch the game because Wigginton has been selected to go.

For me, the opposite is true. I would watch and be excited to see a hard-working, no-ego, team guy like Wigginton get his day and night in the spotlight.

Good for him.

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