Samuel gets hot

If there is one thing the O’s fans like to see out of their team, manager, and players - besides say, wins - it’s fire and passion.

They got it last night from manager Juan Samuel, during and after the game.

Samuel was ejected by home plate ump Mike Everitt in the last of the eighth of Boston’s 9-3 win on Saturday. He seemed to tire of his pitchers not getting some strikes called, while Jon Lester was the benefactor of several close strikes.

To me, it’s part of a bigger picture where you get the feeling the umpires say, “It’s Boston and it’s just Baltimore.”

Whether that is perceived or real or just another thing for us to complain about, it often seems the O’s get the short end of the stick with umpires versus Boston and New York.

Heck, they reviewed Jake Fox’s homer with the score 9-1 last night, but not J.D. Drew’s blast in a one-run game the night before.

Samuel had seen enough and his spirited argument in defense of his players and team is likely to play well with the fans.

After the game, according to a Baltimore Sun report, Samuel lectured his team about it’s recent awful play on defense.

He was asked if he was happy with his team’s effort in Saturday’s game and he told reporters “not tonight at all.”

Fire and passion. The fans will like that.

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