Some things I just don’t understand (updated)

The O’s hitters watched their 35-year-old right-hander Kevin Millwood throw 34 pitches in the top of the first tonight and then their hitters went down 1-2-3 in the last of the first on just five pitches.

Three batters, five pitches.

Minnesota’s hitter leading off the top of the second, Nick Punto, saw as many pitches (five) as the three O’s hitters did combined.

I just don’t get that. Why not see a few pitches at least and give the guy a break. After all he is coming off the DL to make this start.

It’s certainly Millwood’s fault that he could not get out of the first sooner and that he gave up three runs to fall behind in the first inning again.

But Pie swung at the second pitch, the first strike he saw from Carl Pavano. Tejada grounded out on the first pitch and Markakis on the second.

Help a teammate out fellows.

Update: The O’s have been retired on just 26 pitches through three innings and that is with Wigginton drawing a walk in the second inning.

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