B-Rob behind closed doors in manager’s office

After spending a few minutes behind closed doors today in the manager’s office, Brian Roberts emerged and said he is taking today off and is still not sure when he will rejoin the Orioles roster.

Some here are guessing it could come as early as tomorrow but no one is saying that just yet.

Roberts said he was just joking around with Juan Samuel and John Shelby in the skipper’s office and not politicking to get back on the team.


“I don’t know whose decision it is at this point, yet. I’m still waiting, I haven’t really talked to anybody to tell you the truth.

“If it’s my decision, I would have played Monday. That’s how much decision making I have. No, I feel good and whatever they want me to do, I’ll do.”

Roberts said playing the last three games at Bowie provided a good test, but he still hasn’t had to make a diving stop in the field and has not yet attempted to steal.

“Yeah, definitely. I played 27 straight innings, one day as DH. Played two nine-inning games in the field, one at 11 am. Figure if I can play at seven and turn around and play at 11, I’m doing all right.

“Seeing pitches and getting at bats, I got out of it most of what I needed to.

“I haven’t had any yet (diving plays in the field). I haven’t really tried to steal yet. I had a couple of chances where maybe I could have. But part of the rehab process is also trying to just stay healthy. I didn’t want to go break my hand, either, in Bowie.”

Roberts went 6 for 14 with two doubles and 3 RBI in three games with the Baysox. In eight games on his rehab stint, counting five in the Gulf Coast League, he is 14 for 29 (.483) with no homers and 3 RBI. He has three doubles, two walks and five strikeouts.

Roberts said there are no limitations on what he can do during a game.

“There are things I haven’t done, necessarily. Sometimes in spring training, I don’t dive headfirst before I leave camp. I don’t forsee it being an issue.”

If he gets activated before this homestand is over, he said he not concerned about playing next week on Toronto’s artificial turf.

“Tampa Bay is dirt. It’s turf, but I stand on the dirt all the time. There is more made of turf than there really is to it. If you ask me, it’s softer than that dirt out there. I think that’s a preconcieved notion a lot of people have. The bottom line is, it’s not my decision.

“I think I could (play a full series now), I played three days in a row there. I kind of hated being a DH, I would rather have played the field. Do I think I will play 30 straight games, probably not. They won’t let me. Physically, I would hope I’d be able to. Your body’s going to hurt, no matter what if you play 30 straight days. I will probably have more breaks than normal, at least at the beginning.

“My eagerness picked up the day I got back on the field and started playing catch again. You start playing the games and walk in the clubhouse and see the guys (and you get eager to play).”

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