Gonzo on a roll right now

From jeers to cheers.

That’s how it’s now going for O’s lefty reliever Mike Gonzalez.

When he was activated on July 21 off the 60-day DL, he hadn’t pitched since April and had an ERA of 18.00.

Now, his ERA is down to 4.50 and Gonzalez has put together a real solid stretch.

Since his return to the active roster, his ERA is 1.13 over seven games and eight innings. He has pitched shutout ball over 6 1/3 over his last five appearances.

Gonzalez gives a lot of credit to new manager Buck Showalter for last night’s win and said he set the tone for the evening with his pregame talk.

“For sure, it definitely started out here in the clubhouse. Buck talked to us for a little bit. Just those ten or 15 minutes or so he talked to us, I individually, for sure, believe in what he has to say and believe in his philosophies. I’m all for it, 100 percent - the guy’s a winner. It put a little fire under most of the guys here.”

And what about the cheers and standing ovation he got after 1 2/3 versus Los Angeles?

“It was definitely a good feeling. Anyone would rather hear cheers than boos, but like I’ve said before, I’m a professional, and as a Major League ballplayer you don’t worry about that too much. You just go out there and try to get the job done.”

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