Hernandez likely DL-bound; better news on Roberts & Bell

The O’s got good post-game news on two of the three injured players that left Wednesday’s game.

Both Brian Roberts and Josh Bell hope to play tomorrow, but the news was not nearly as good for David Hernandez, who seems likely to end up on the disabled list.

He suffered a left ankle sprain while covering home in the seventh inning.

“I kind of had my landing foot, my left foot, I didn’t feel it roll, it just kind of felt like the ligament went over the bone and went back.


“They said it was like a grade two sprain. He thinks that is ten to 14 days maybe depending how it heals. It’s not my arm, so that is a good thing. I can put pressure on it, but they are telling me to keep my weight off it.”

Hernandez said trainer Richie Bancells told him the DL was a distinct possibility.

“Richie was hinting that it’s a good possibility, because it’s my landing foot and he said where the tendon is sore, is the one that takes the longest time to heal.

“It was kind of a rough night all the way around. You feel like we are getting guys back, then B-Rob goes down and Bell has to come out of the lineup and I go down. But every team has to deal with those kind of things,” Hernandez said.

Meanwhile, Roberts was hit in the left shin by a thrown ball in the opening inning and left the game after a rain delay in the last of the sixth.

“I got hit by a ball in the shin and just have a bruise and swollen shin but it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before, so I’ll be ready to go tomorrow.”

Roberts said this had nothing to do with his back.

“No, no, no, the back is fine. It’s just one of those freak plays. At the time it was a 9-1 game and we didn’t know how long the rain delay would go and the more swollen it gets, the worse off you are, so we decided to get some ice and some treatment. Hopefully we can knock it out in time for tomorrow.”

Bell said he had a hamstring cramp in his left leg after dealing with a similar problem in his right leg in a game earlier vs. Boston.

Bell said he doesn’t expect any issues with that injury and he fully expects to be able to play on Thursday.

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