Still too soon to develop the book on Showalter

The Orioles picked a good night to play one of their best and most complete games of the year.

Their starting pitcher was effective and efficient with pitches and they did not issue a walk all night. There were no errors. They went 5 for 11 with runners in scoring position. They hit a key homer, stole a base and actually advanced a runner with a sac bunt.

They also seemed to play with more energy and maybe even more intensity.

So far, what’s not to like about the Buck Showalter era?

Everyone could use more nights like that.

There is one thing we all should probably think about. The fans and media are hungry to learn more about Showalter and what stamp he will put on this team.

But we can’t analyze and overanalyze his every word, action and move.

Some have said he doesn’t like to bunt or steal bases. He did both last night. He pulled a pitcher after just 92 pitches. He didn’t start the ninth with his closer.

All are interesting to note, but one game doesn’t tell the tale. We all need many more games to get a good scouting report on Buck Showalter as O’s manager.

He’s watching and evaluating the players while the fans and media chronicle his moves.

But let’s not make decisions based on what we saw last night or even over these first few nights. Tonight, his closer may start the ninth and he may disdain a chance to bunt when it might be called for.

Some fans may already be trying to figure him out, when you know what, we all haven’t got a clue yet.

We can look at his track record to tell us something, but he hasn’t managed in four years and some things have changed.

Buck is 1-0 and he made a lot of good moves on his first night. His team made those moves work.

The process of finding out what the O’s new manager is all about is just beginning.

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