Scott the slugger

Here are some stats about Luke Scott that may surprise you.

This year he is averaging one homer every 14.5 at bats. That is fourth best in the AL and the best ratio of his career. If a player hitting one homer every 14.5 at bats, got 600 at bats in a season, that player would hit 41.4 homers.


Scott won’t get 600 at bats this year, but that is quite a pace he is on.

There is also this stat:

Since May 12, Luke Scott is 3rd in the Majors in slugging percentage (.640) and OPS (1.033).

Only Josh Hamilton and Miguel Cabrera have a higher OPS than Scott since May 12. That is not a small sample size, just the opposite.

In that time Scott has a higher OPS than Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Evan Longoria, Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols and Adam Dunn to name just a few sluggers.

Is it possible that the big bat the Orioles and their fans talk about adding is already here?

Scott in AL rankings:
4th: at bats per homer, 14.5
5th: slugging at .580
7th: OPS at .939
8th: homers with 24

No one is saying, certainly not me, that the club doesn’t need to still add offense. They do for sure. But maybe it’s time we all recognize the year Scott is having.

Those numbers listed above shine a pretty good light on it.

Scott has had fewer down streaks this year and his bat seems more consistent than ever. Did you also know that since May 8, Scott is batting .331? Another strong number for him.

Scott has hit .293 or better every month except for April, another example that he has been more consistent and less streaky this year.

Scott turned 32 in June. Maybe he is coming into his peak years as slugger. Plus, he is under team control for three more years. He cannot be a free agent until after the 2013 season.

Barring a trade, he will be an Oriole for a while.

The clubs needs some middle of the order power for this lineup moving forward. Right now, Luke Scott is doing a pretty good impression of a feared middle-of-the-order bat.

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