Wondering about Wieters

For the second time in two days in the Chicago series, Matt Wieters came to bat in the second inning with two runners on and hit into a double play.

Wieters is clearly struggling right now.

He is 0 for 1 tonight and has just seven hits over his last 38 at bats over 11 games, an average of just .184. He has only 3 RBI in that time.

This is not a post to bash or jump on Wieters, but it’s a bit puzzling why he is not hitting more than he is at this point.

On the double play ball in the second inning, it just looked on the monitor like he didn’t swing all that hard at the pitch. I’m pretty sure his recent struggles have more to do than just how hard he swings at pitches.

I am still convinced that over time, Wieters will become a real good hitter with extra-base and home run power. We are all waiting to see when that will be.

The talent, work ethic and passion to succeed all seem evident to me. It’s the results that aren’t there now.

I am not like some already writing Wieters off or disappointed that he doesn’t have 30 homers. I didn’t have expectations like that for him. But right now, his offense is just not there.

Maybe he’ll he get it going even before this game ends tonight.

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