Jeter hit, A-Rod still running

Is there some bad blood now festering between the O’s and Yankees?

Derek Jeter was hit to start this game. This ball actually did hit him. No, really it did.

Later in the inning, when Alex Rodriguez scored the second run on a Jorge Posada two-run single, he crossed home plate and kept running. Right toward the O’s dugout. I mean he got within a few feet of it and was close enough to high five Buck Showalter.

That had to get under the Orioles skin, I would think and hope.

Seemed over the top to me.

By the way, I don’t think Jeremy Guthrie threw at Jeter. Why hit the first batter of the game and put your team and inning in peril a pitch or two into the game? I would think any pitcher that wanted to hit a batter would want to do it with two outs and none on.

It was an eventful top of the first and one that must have O’s fans (and players too) a little ticked off.

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