O’s players talk about the club’s strong finish

Over the last few days, the O’s players have been asked a lot about the team’s strong finish under Buck Showalter and what it could mean for the club’s future.

Here are some player opinions.

Nick Markakis:
“It shows you what we have and what we’re capable of doing. I’ve said all along we’ve got a great group of guys and we have great talent. It’s just a matter of putting it together. When we put it together, we can play with anybody.”

Markakis on the 14-13 record vs. the AL East with Buck: “It says a lot. It says a lot about our team, it says a lot about our organization, it says a lot about our coaching staff. It says a lot about a lot of things. It’s definitely good to see. It’s something we haven’t seen here in a while. I think it’s slowly but surely going in the direction that we all hoped and planned it.”

Jake Arrieta:
“This gives everyone a pretty good idea of the team we are capable of being. It’s a rewarding feeling going into the off season ending on such a high note like we have these last two months and it gives us all something to reflect on and look forward to. I’m confident everyone is going to work hard in the off season to come back and pick up where we left off this year. If that’s the case, it can be an exciting season next year.”

Luke Scott:
“What has happened the last two months is very good. It’s a good feeling going into the off season. We know we are capable of competing in this league.

“As far as off season decisions, that’s a job for the guys in the front office. But our power numbers have been down offensively. Our average hasn’t been bad, but we need more power.”

By the way, if the O’s win today they will have their longest win streak of the year (five games) and their first four-game sweep of the Tigers in Baltimore since April 17-20, 1992.

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