Britton joins forces with Boras

The Orioles 2010 minor league pitcher of the year, Zach Britton, has become the latest player in the organization to be represented by agent Scott Boras.

About a month ago, Britton decided to switch from the Hendricks brothers to the Boras corporation.

“I was with Hendricks Sports and dealt with Matt Laird,” Britton said. “He was great but I never really had contact with the Hendricks brothers myself, so I just never felt comfortable going forward with people I hadn’t met. So I had a good opportunity to meet with Scott and came away very impressed.”

Others in the O’s organization represented by Boras are Matt Wieters, Jake Arrieta, Mike Gonzalez, Manny Machado, Josh Bell and Brandon Erbe.

Britton is spending part of his winter in California and is taking advantage now of the work out facilities provided to Boras clients as he looks to add a few pounds and a little strength for next year.

Speaking of adding things, the lefty that went 10-7, 2.70 between Bowie and Norfolk last season, will almost certainly be added to the O’s 40-man roster by the deadline tomorrow night. Any player the O’s don’t add to that roster would be eligible to be taken in the upcoming Rule 5 draft.

“I think it would be awesome,” Britton said about his likely addition to the 40-man. “For me, it would be another obstacle that would be out of the way. There are so many obstacles to get to the big leagues and being on the roster takes a big one away.

“I think it helps your chances to play in the big leagues the following season, whether it’s starting the season there or coming up later. It’s a big milestone in your career to get put on the roster and you feel that much closer to accomplishing what you want to.”

Here is a list of players that need to be added now or could be lost in the Rule 5 draft:

Zach Britton, Wynn Pelzer, Joe Mahoney, Matt Angle, Ryan Adams, Tyler Henson, Pedro Beato, Billy Rowell, Steve Johnson, Tim Bascom, Brandon Cooney, Pat Egan, Chad Thall, Brandon Waring and Robbie Widlansky.

Of that lengthy list, my guess is Britton and Pelzer are almost locks to be added. After that, just a guess here, maybe the O’s add Mahoney, Adams and Beato and/or Cooney.

It seems unlikely that the O’s will add eight players to the 40-man with the roster currently at 32.

Coming tomorrow: More with Britton on the decision to join Boras and some other things he will be working on this winter.

Coming soon: Joe Mahoney updates me on his recent knee surgery and some of his winter plans.

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