Jeter’s contract talks: It’s gotten messy

I think Derek Jeter needs to understand something.

His next contract will not pay him an average of 18.9 million dollars per year like his last one did. His 10-year, $189 million dollar deal ran out after the 2010 season and Jeter is now a free agent.

The Yankees’ captain is just 74 hits from 3,000 but something is happening now that is surprising to me - Jeter’s current negotiations with the team are getting messy.

After his agent said he was “baffled” by the Yankees approach to the talks, GM Brian Cashman suggested Jeter actually solicit offers from other teams.

The Yankees have reportedly offered Jeter a three-year deal worth 45 million.

I see that as amazingly fair for a 36-year-old coming off a season where he hit .270.

Jeter, of course, has become a Yankee legend for a franchise that already has a few legends. But, after getting that whopping ten-year deal, it’s time for him to “settle for” the 15 million.

The team holds the cards here for the most part. Yeah, I know they have to re-sign the guy, but not at any price and not for more than they have already offered.

Cashman knows no team out there would consider giving Jeter $15 million a year and for sure no one would do it for three years.

Like Richard Gere’s character in An Officer and a Gentleman, he’s got no where else to go.

Yeah, Derek, you’re the captain, the legend, the superstar and every Sportscenter anchor worships you, but why should the team bid against itself and up an offer to a player with no other offers?

Three years, 45 million, is more than fair for Jeter.

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