How does MacPhail deal with player rumors? (w/ exclusive video)

This had to have been an interesting day for the Orioles’ Nolan Reimold.

Today his cell phone had to be blowing up with reports that he might be traded to the Tampa Bay Rays. He must have gotten several calls and texts; he may have even gotten one or two from the media. I can think of one guy I know that called him.

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At the same time, as of this writing, he has not been traded and maybe after all the rumors, tweets, texts and blogs, he won’t be.

To say the least, that must be somewhat unsettling for any player, especially this time of year.

I asked O’s president Andy MacPhail if the club addresses these rumors with its players. Do they call to keep them or their agents in the loop on trade talks?

“It is not my favorite thing (all the speculation), as you know,” MacPhail said. “I am very unhappy if I think that emanates from our organization. That is very problematic for me, because they are human beings with families and homes, and we don’t take that lightly.

“But at the same time, they understand this game. They understand how this game is evolving and how this is becoming increasingly a larger part of it. And they just deal with it.

“For example, before we talked to Kam (Mickolio) and David (Hernandez), they had both pretty much been blitzed by the idea that they were going in a trade. You don’t really like it, but in talking to them, they understand.

“If it was up to me -- this might really shock you -- but we wouldn’t be doing this type of stuff here. There are those that like to demonstrate to others how important they are and how much they know by sharing it with people and that’s not part of their job description.”

So the club does not reach out to the player in a situation like today with the Reimold rumors?

“No, you can’t because, believe me, if something is total fiction -- which I could have read a novel in the time I’ve been here, in two days, that is total fiction -- you don’t know that in two days something could happen and what you told them two days ago could turn out not to be right. So you can’t reach out and say, ‘You won’t be traded.’ You can’t do it,” MacPhail said.

Manager Buck Showalter echoed MacPhail’s comments.

“That’s why I’ve been somewhat cautious about calling some guys, because like Andy said, in two days, something I said to them could be completely wrong. Someone calls Andy and here we go. Now I have to call and say what I told you then wasn’t right,” Showalter said.

On an unrelated topic, I asked MacPhail if there any untouchable players on his roster right now.

“No, nobody is untouchable, but the price coming back, like I said, if someone offers you Willie Mays when he is 23, then everyone is available. You just have to weight what you are getting back.”

Certainly the O’s must have players that are almost untouchable, like Brian Matusz and Matt Wieters. But like the man said, everyone has his price.

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