Kevin Towers quotes on the Reynolds trade

Here are some comments from today’s press conference from Arizona general manager Kevin Towers:

In the deal, the O’s acquired Mark Reynolds and a player to be named or cash for pitchers David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio.

“Sometimes you have to move a good ballplayer to acquire good right-handed arms. We feel like we’ve done so with Hernandez and Mickolio.”

“Mark Reynolds was a great Diamondback player. A lot of people ask how can you move 30-plus home runs? He’s a great defender and a very popular player with our fan base. But for us to take the leaps forward that we need to do, we needed to strengthen the pen.”

“I had a chance to see Mickolio in the Arizona Fall League. We had him up to 96 with a power sinker that plays to a right-handed hitter. David Hernandez has not only starting experience, but also has saved a couple of games, which is important to us. We’ve had him up to 98 with a plus curveball. We are a much better bullpen today with these two individuals and I think the Orioles will be a much better offensive club with Mark Reynolds.”

Towers talked further about adding the two O’s pitchers.

“I like power arms. We’ve had (Hernandez) up to 98. Once he went to the bullpen, we saw a spike in velocity. He’s got two dominant pitches and our report says he’s got riding life when it’s up in the zone and got heavy sink when he’s down in the zone. He’s got the type of fastball where he can pitch above the belt.”

“He’s got a power curveball. He doesn’t seem to have fear, he’s gone right at hitters in the AL East. There is tremendous upside in this individual. He could develop into a real quality late-inning guy.

“Our initial conversation (with MacPhail) was in Orlando two or three weeks ago for the owners’ meeting.Then we had consistent dialogue. Both of us had several balls in the air on different things. But the last week, it became a little more clear that this was a natural fit.”

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