Merry Christmas Birdland!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in Birdland!

Thanks for all you do to keep this blog popular and please know that I never take you for granted.

No great baseball thoughts today, except one small one.

I hope all long-suffering O’s fans realize that anyone can easily root for a winner. Being an Orioles’ fan is tough. I know, I’ve been one for over 40 years.

I’ve seen the glory years and World Championships and I’ve seen everything since that 1983 win over the Phillies and have been around for most of the 13 consecutive losing seasons.

O’s fans get ridiculed, sometimes even in their own hometown and certainly around the country. But a real fan doesn’t jump ship at a few losses or even a few hundred losses. Let’s not even mention higher numbers here.

The passion for Orioles’ baseball is strong, some don’t get that, but I sure do. I feel it and see it every day right here.

It’s become a fun place to exchange thoughts and input about the Orioles. Some of the knowledge of my readers is amazing. Some are lesser educated on the game, but they are most welcome too.

Some have tried to rock this boat, but found it’s just too strong to capsize and most have given up on that.

I get to cover my childhood team in my daily work and I love my job, here and on the radio. I never take that for granted and never will.

We can disagree about things the team does and might do, but we all (well, most of us) have a love of O’s baseball as a base. For better or worse, we are Orioles’ fans and most of us always will be.

Merry Christmas, indeed, Birdland!

Thanks everyone: Even on Christmas Day you all take some time to pass along well wishes or a neat story or thought on being on O’s fan. Thanks for all the great replies and comments today.

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