Quick comment from Boras

After Scott Boras held court tonight at the winter meetings with Washington reporters about the Jayson Werth signing, he briefly answered another question or two before exiting stage left.

I asked him if Baltimore was a possibility for his client Carlos Pena?

“I don’t see why not,” Boras said. “I mean he’s an AL East player and has done well there and likes to play there, certainly.”

Have the O’s shown interest?

“You’d have to talk to Andy about that.”

I said it was quick.

Boras also said “geographics will not have any determination where Adrian Beltre plays.” in response to a question about whether Beltre wants to play on the West Coast. “Adrian has not closed the door on any team and we’ve had contact from a number of teams.”

MacPhail got a lot of questions during his session earlier tonight, but none specifically on Pena.

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