Some random O’s takes

Well, I am now back from vacation and back on the East Coast.

After several days in Las Vegas, my energy and bankroll were both running low so I made it home just in time.

I would say more, but, as you all know, what happens in Vegas.......

Thanks to the staff for publishing some stories I had left behind to run over the past few days, mostly on the minor leagues and reader comments also. Thanks to our great fans/readers for leaving some good comments even when I wasn’t able to respond to as many as usual. I get back to that starting today, so keep them coming.

I have been a little out of touch on the O’s beat but keeping up by reading this website and others when some table game wasn’t calling my name. By the way, one should never drink and drive but it seems you can read blogs after a beverage or two.

But, enough about my breakfast.

A few random thoughts:

*What is Adam LaRoche waiting for? If the O’s did offer a three-year deal, in the neighborhood of $21 million, that is more than fair. If he doesn’t want to play for this team, he should do the right thing and let the club know that. If he has a better offer, take it already.

I saw where Andy MacPhail told Roch he will not put a deadline on a free agent offer and I understand that. But this has gotten a little frustrating with this guy.

He’d be a nice addition and I’m all for it. Wonder if he’ll decide by Christmas? Guess dragging this thing out is not distracting his Holiday Season.

Why should it really? If he is looking at a $20 plus million contract, that would make, not distract, my Christmas. Let’s all gather round the tree and come up with ways to spend all that!

*I guess the O’s still have an offer out to pitcher Kevin Gregg. His offer was first reported at the winter meetings. Yes, that was about two weeks ago.

He seems to be taking his time too and I’m pretty sure it won’t ruin his Christmas either.

*By the way, it was exciting to read Cal Ripken’s comments on Mark Reynolds. I agree with him that a strikeout is just another out. Sure, there are instances where it hurts the club, but Ripken said Reynolds should not change his two-strike approach because it could compromise his power on some counts. Completely agree with that point.

Ripken was also very positive about Reynolds’ defense and it seems clear that defense was important in the acquisitions of J.J. Hardy and Reynolds, who, of course, should add the offense also.

*I still believe the O’s should add a starting pitcher. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, just someone decent enough to add innings and keep the team in the game.

That person would provide insurance against injury, allow Chris Tillman and Zach Britton to start in the minors if need be and allow Rick VandenHurk to pursue a bullpen role.

I will reveal one thing that happened in Vegas. My computer couldn’t access the internet in one hotel, their issue not mine. Or I could have responded to some comments. Hey, this thing probably needed a few days off from me, too.

I just figured out that I have less vacation time than Peter Schmuck of the Sun. And, while he travels internationally, I go to a place where I may score a comped room.

I still had a great time but am glad to be home for the Holidays and back on the daily blogging. I’d say more, but, well you know...

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