New O’s coach Wayne Kirby can’t wait to get started

If you want to meet someone that is almost bubbling over with excitement for the new Orioles season, check out new first base coach Wayne Kirby.

Kirby is the only member of the new O’s staff that has never coached in the majors, but he can’t wait to get started.

“I have a lot of passion for this game,” Kirby said. “I bring energy every day and kids feed off that. If I’m dead, (a player) may be. I’ll bring it every day and they might have to tell me to shut up.”

Kirby. who will also work with the Orioles’ outfielders, said he knows that Adam Jones has already been getting the scouting report on him.

“Me and Adam have been texting a lot. I think he called around to find out what I’m about. I like to work and get it done. I like to work on simple things and this game was built on fundamentals. Defense will be a huge part of our system,” Kirby said.

“(Jones) was a Gold Glove two years ago (and) we’ve got to get him back to that. I want him to have fun and get that kid back in him and enjoy the game.”

Kirby has been working in the Texas Rangers’ minor league system and that is where he first got to know O’s skipper Buck Showalter.

Now he looks forward to getting to know some of the players he will be coaching this season.

“Getting to know these players for me is like the beginning of a marriage. We are all getting ready to get engaged on Feb. 14 and we’ll see how the engagement goes,” Kirby said.

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