A little more on the Frederick Keys lease situation

There is another article out today on the Frederick Keys’ unsettled lease situation that I have written about previously.

Click here for an update from Baseball America’s Josh Leventhal.

The city of Frederick is expected to accept bids on the 2012 lease through April 15 and an Atlantic League team is expected to bid to basically try to move in on the Keys’ turf in a move that could potentially push the Keys out of Frederick.

The article quotes Keys’ owner Ken Young saying: “We need to be able to demonstrate to the aldermen in Frederick the importance and difference between independent ball and affiliated ball,” said Young, Baseball America’s 2009 Minor League Executive of the Year. “All cities are looking at their finances. They are just not sure how to balance their budget. I think it is important we stay there.

“The independent (group) is coming in and discussing doing some things that I don’t believe they’ll do. They’re painting a rosy picture. We’re trying to be realistic with the city of Frederick ... One of the things that Frederick needs to be aware of is the stability of being in the Carolina League has to offer, and none of that is offered by Atlantic League or any independent leagues. The stability of independent ball is lacking, not to mention the quality of play. Affiliated ball is better,” he said.

Here is an article I first wrote on this situation two weeks ago.

This was posted on the Keys Web site Feb. 8.

Tomorrow in this space: I will publish the entire interview from last week with ESPN’s Keith Law. It will be spread over two parts due to length, but it will be all there, the questions that were asked and the word-for-word answers in the order they were asked.

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