Adam Jones’ take on “First Take”

While waiting to see how distracted Albert Pujols will be waiting for the all the money his next contract will provide, I took some time to watch the video of Adam Jones’ appearance on ESPN’s “First Take.”

What, ESPN covered the Orioles?

Yep, Adam was in Bristol this week. Click here to see that video. (Yeah, I’m slow getting around to see this, guess I was distracted.).

“We’re going to go out and play hard and the sky’s the limit really because I think everybody is optimistic about how the season is going to turn out,” Jones said on the show.

He talked about how the team played so hard after Buck Showalter took over and was asked how that happened so quickly.

“The reputation that he had,” Jones said. “As soon as he landed in Baltimore, everyone was thinking, ‘I don’t want to get on his bad side.’ So to not get on his bad side, we went out there and everybody just balled and it was fun. The last two months of the season was the best time I’ve had in Baltimore, not to say any other time has been bad. Winning sure helps.”

Jones also pointed out that adding players with post-season experience like Vladimir Guerrero, J.J. Hardy, Derrek Lee and Mark Reynolds should help the team as well.

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