Britton doing this against a very good hitting linuep

It’s one thing to pitch well against any major league team, but Zach Britton is having a great outing vs. a very good hitting and unbeaten Texas team.

The Rangers entered today with 42 runs scored in six games, a major-league leading slugging percentage of .603, a team batting average of .284 and team OPS of .957. Not chopped liver.

He is doing this aginst a Texas team that entered today having not even trailed in a game since the second inning last Saturday vs. Boston.

He has now pitched seven scoreless innings on 91 pitches.

He has gotten three double-play grounders in the last four innings and just ended the top of the seventh by snaring a line drive down near his ankle. Is there anything this kid can’t do?

Now, the fans hopes and expectations for Britton will go up even more than they are already. He seems to handle it all in stride, though. Those 20 days of service time may become a distant memory.

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