Checking in on some stats after the first loss of the season

The Orioles missed out on their chance for the second 5-0 start in team history with last night’s 7-3 loss to Detroit. The Birds fall to 4-1 and are tied for first in the American League East with Toronto.

Here are more stats from the game and season so far:

Batting notes: The O’s have scored just 20 runs in five games with a team batting average of .217. They have had six hits or less three times.

Player hitting notes: Vlad Guerrero had his first two-hit game as an Oriole and his two hits last night matched his hit total from the first four games. ... Adam Jones went 0-for-3 and has been hitless in four of five games. ... Nick Markakis was hitless after going 5-for-8 the previous two games. .... Brian Roberts has scored a run in each of the first five games.

O’s hitters in the Detroit series:
Andino: 0-0
Fox: 0-0
Guerrero: 2-8 with an RBI
Hardy: 1-6
Izturis: 0-0
Jones: 0-7
Lee: 2-7 with a homer
Markakis: 3-7
Pie: 2-6
Reynolds: 0-7
Roberts: 1-7 with a homer
Scott: 0-0
Wieters: 2-7 with an RBI

Pitching notes: After giving up just four runs in four games, the O’s gave up seven runs and the team ERA rose from 1.00 to 1.80. ... Detroit has 19 hits the last two games after Tampa got just 12 hits in three games versus the O’s staff. ... After giving up just one homer through four games, the O’s gave up three last night. ... The starters’ ERA rose from 0.60 to 1.21.

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