Guthrie talks about his outing vs. Texas

Pitching just a couple of days after getting out of the hospital, O’s right-hander Jeremy Guthrie threw well versus Texas Sunday, even if he didn’t feel 100 percent or have some of his usual velocity.

“Legs felt good, but it’s a strange feeling. I don’t breathe very well and I get tired,” said Guthrie, who had a form of pneumonia. “It’s like you running a few sprints and being tired. Normally I can run a bunch of sprints before I get tired, now one of them makes me tired. It takes a toll on the breath.

“My arm was not necessarily tired, but not in as good a shape as it has been. I missed four days of throwing, Sunday through Wednesday. Other than that, I felt good.”

Jeremy Guthrie talks with the media about how he felt after recovering from pneumonia

He gave up just one run on an Adrian Beltre homer over six innings. He allowed four hits and is 1-1 with an ERA of 0.64 through two starts.

Guthrie, who can reach the mid 90s with his fastball, said he didn’t have his normal velocity at times today.

“A couple of times I tried to reach back and I didn’t have it. I noticed the Beltre pitch is one where I tried to get more and it didn’t have much on it and caught a ton of the plate. I didn’t get away with that pitch,” he said.

“It was a battle the whole way through. The biggest play was (Nick Markakis’) play on the (Josh) Hamilton ball that he caught jumping into the wall. That was the biggest out for me, but it was a battle the whole time. I was fortunate on some of the outs that they didn’t hit it further than they did.”

Still, after not pitching in a game since opening day and coming off the illness, Guthrie could not have been expected to give his team much more than he did over 84 pitches against such a good-hitting club.

“When you face those type of hitters, you feel real pleased to get out of that with one run whether you feel unbelievable or whether you have been in the hospital with pneumonia,” Guthrie said. “(Matt) Wieters and I came up with a few plans. We tried to mix in some other pitches to compensate for what I didn’t have on location and velocity with the fastball.”

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