The O’s offense: Mostly dormant through 12 games

Last year, when the Orioles had a pretty mediocre offense, they averaged just 3.8 runs per game. So far this year, with an offense that is expected to be greatly improved, they are averaging 3.8 runs per game.

The Orioles just are not hitting much right now and I’m sure some fans are getting restless to see some runs at this point. It’s too early to get real concerned, but the team batting average is just .226.

During the five-game losing streak, the O’s have scored just 12 runs with a team average of .216. They have scored two runs or less in three games during the streak.

Right now, the middle of the order is not producing much. Vlad Guerrero has just two extra-base hits in 12 games. Derrek Lee also has just two extra-base hits and has not knocked in a run over the last seven games. The pair has a combined six RBIs.

Meanwhile, Matt Wieters is in a 2-for-23 drought and Luke Scott picked up his first RBI of the year last night.

The Orioles have had 10 hits or more just three times and in Friday’s loss at Cleveland, they did not have an extra-base hit for the first time all year.

Again, it’s too early for much concern after just 12 games, but right now not one player on the club is swinging a real hot bat and no one is driving the ball with any consistency.

Will the bats break out today at Cleveland? Are you concerned about the offense on the team right now or any specific player?

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