Wieters delievers clutch hits as his bat gets going

Here is an impressive stat for O’s catcher Matt Wieters:

After driving in four runs last night, he is now 5-for-5 on the season hitting with runners in scoring position. Four of the hits, including two last night, came with two outs. He has a double, homer and eight RBIs with RISP. That’s very solid stuff for Wieters.

The switch-hitter recently made an adjustment to his batting stance and is now standing more upright in the box than he was for some of the season’s earlier games.

“I just wasn’t quite feeling as comfortable as I had in the past,” Wieters said. “I looked at some film from ‘09 and I could see I was more crouched at the beginning of this year. Just tried it in BP one day and took it into the game. It’s a more natural position for me.

“I’ve felt better and hit more balls on the barrel lately. Just felt more comfortable at the plate. All you can do is go up there and feel as comfortable as you can,” he said.

After going through a recent 2-for-23 stretch, Wieters is now 4-for-10 over his past three games with five RBIs and four runs scored. He had four RBIs all year until adding five more in the last two games.

Buck Showalter agreed that Wieters is feeling more comfortable at the plate and, for now, his recent adjustment is paying off.

“There are reasons why you do things to get away from that a little bit. You have success with that. It’s a game of constant adjustments. It’s not game-to-game, sometimes it’s pitch-to-pitch. The guys can almost be their own hitting coach sometimes. You can’t call timeout and we don’t have mics in our helmets,” Showalter added.

“Most tall guys like that, they lose some of their leverage. With that I think he can handle the ball down a little better. But, with every adjustment you make, you make yourself more susceptible to something else that you weren’t susceptible to before.”

Showalter noted that Wieters, who can be very polite, and accommodating, but reserved sometimes around reporters, has been a jokester at times in the dugout. Showalter joked that he might begin a book of “Wietersisms” and that Wieters and coach Terry Kirby should match each other in one-liners one day.

That’s good to hear about Wieters, who continues to draw rave reviews for his work behind the plate. Maybe now his work at the plate, in the box, will get some notice too.

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