Wieters talks about the O’s unbeaten start

Like Orioles fans, catcher Matt Wieters is excited with the team’s 3-0 start. But he isn’t getting too carried away with it.

“It was big to start off the season that way, but it’s just three games of 162,” Wieters said. “We’ve got Detroit coming in today and we’ve got to try to get a win today.”

Wieters has gotten praise from Buck Showalter and his coaching staff for his game-calling behind the plate during the Tampa series.

“Those first three games, our guys were able to throw their offspeed stuff for strikes,” Wieters said. “That makes game calling so much easier when they can throw two, three or even four pitches for strikes. When you can get ahead and work all your pitches, that makes it a lot easier to call the game.”

Wieters said he has improved in that area.

“You get better every year at that as you see more hitters and you learn more information,” he said. “That’s what this game is. The more information you know, the more prepared you are.”

Today’s starter, Jake Arrieta, now takes the mound after watching the first three starters in the rotation give up just one run over 20 innings against the Rays.

“(Arrieta) just needs to get ahead, pound strikes and use all of his pitches. There will probably be adrenaline pumping, so he has to stay calm and just use his stuff,” Wieters said.

Wieters was asked if the club is developing a winning attitude and if that was a factor in the 3-0 start.

“I think we have always expected to win. But I always say winning is contagious. We finished the year well last year and we get a few wins here early, you know with the guys we have here, we have a good team. If we play well, we can beat anybody,” he said.

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