After rough outing at K.C., it’s Tillman time again

Contrary to popular belief, Chris Tillman has not been terrible for the Orioles this year.

There have been two terrible starts, but four others that have been decent. Tillman gave up six runs in just 1 2/3 on April 13 versus the Yankees. In his last start, he gave up ten hits and eight runs in just 3 2/3 against Kansas City.

Those were two terrible starts.

In his four other outings, his ERA is 3.22. The Orioles are 3-1 in those four games, by the way.

But Tillman’s overall ERA of 7.16 is way too high, of course and you can’t take two starts away from his record. Plus, Tillman has gone five innings or less in four of six starts.

There are two key areas where Tillman could start making improvements starting tonight. His pitching early in games and his pitching versus right-handed hitters.

His ERA over the first two innings on the season is 11.57 and he has allowed 15 of his 22 earned runs then. Also, his batting average against is .380 when facing righty hitters.

All Tillman has to do tonight is out pitch Felix Hernandez, while going deep in the game since the Orioles’ bullpen got taxed in last night’s 13-inning affair.

Nothing to it. Then again, Tillman just has to worry about his end of things, pitching to Seattle hitters. The Orioles batters have the tough chore against King Felix.

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