Fan predictions of impending doom came true

One thing that struck me a bit as the game with Boston wore on Monday night was the feeling of impending doom around Birdland.

Checking out posting on Twitter and taking phone calls on my radio show last night in the late innings, it seemed most were predicting the Orioles would blow this game.

Those turned out to be right, of course, as the bullpen gave up 10 hits and eight runs over just 3 1/3 innings in losing 8-7 to Boston.

Unacceptable, unbelievable, can’t happen, say whatever you want about it and you’d probably be right. You just can’t blow a game when you hold a 6-0 lead heading to the last of the sixth.

But Mike Gonzalez struggled again and two errors didn’t help as Boston scored five in the sixth as the comeback was on.

Too bad they couldn’t close this out. That would have been six wins in seven games and a Fenway Park victory versus a team just coming off a sweep in New York.

They should have won that one.

Hope this doesn’t put more pressure on Zach Britton as he makes his Fenway debut on Tuesday night looking to become a six-game winner. It would be nice to see the Orioles get back on the horse, win, and begin to put the memory of this awful night in the rear-view mirror.

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