Simon talks about his outing today at Bowie

BOWIE, Md. - Before I leave Bowie where today’s game was played in near-perfect weather, here are some quotes from Alfredo Simon, who was very pleased with his outing today.

“I felt great,” Simon said after throwing 94 pitches. “I just tried to work on all my pitches and everything is fine. My velocity, my two-seamer, my splitter and my breaking ball are fine. I’m ready to go right now and everything seems to be working pretty good.

“My velocity on my two-seamer was really good. When I was behind in the count, I could throw my split and breaking ball for strikes. They are working good right now.”

As has been previously reported, Simon will now head back to the Dominican Republic to tend to his legal situation. He was not sure exactly when he will head there, but did say he fully expects to return to make his next start somewhere in the minors likely on the 16th or 17th.

“I don’t want to talk about that (the legal situation), but I have to talk my lawyer and see what is going on,” Simon said. “It’s not a big deal to come back. I have to sign some things and then come back.

“I will wait to see when is my next start. I’m ready to go and show what I can do. They wanted me to throw 95 pitches today and they know I’m ready. I just wait for the callup.”

By the way, a scoring change made all three runs allowed by Simon today earned runs, so he has given up six earned runs over 10 innings in two Baysox starts for an ERA of 5.40.

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