Jordan on Bundy: “He told me, ‘I want to be drafted by the Orioles’ “

Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan said first-round draft pick Dylan Bundy was “the best guy on our board when our turn came and we took him.”

Jordan just finished a conference call with Baltimore reporters and he was asked how quickly Bundy, who was chosen with the fourth overall pick, could move through the minors to get to Baltimore.

“Barring injury, he will be on a good pace, an accelerated pace,” he said.

Jordan said Bundy had “one of the best deliveries of any pitcher in the draft.

“It took a little while today to get information from other clubs. He was being talked about in two of the rooms in front of us. We just put him up there and he was the best guy on our board when it was our turn.”

Anthony Rendon of Rice was still available with the fourth pick and Jordan was asked if the O’s thought about taking him.

“We spent a lot of time today trying to get through that situation. Really, we got where we wanted to be on it. We just went with the player that we wanted,” he said.

Jordan called Bundy’s workout regimen and long-toss regimen “not an issue” and said “he has a couple of programs we don’t do, mostly off-the-field stuff.”

Jordan didn’t sound too concerned about getting Bundy signed.

“There were some big numbers out there but we got some new information today that doesn’t come anywhere close to what was published two weeks ago.

“We have work to do to get a contract and we understand that but this kid looked me right in the eye and said ‘Joe I want to be drafted by the Orioles and I want to pitch in a major league rotation with my brother.’

“We’ll pay him a lot of money, but he’s worth a lot of money. I believe the sincerity in that kid’s face when he told me that. I think we’re in good shape,” Jordan said.

Jordan said he first saw Bundy play third base as a high school freshman when he was scouting Bobby Bundy, who is pitching with Single-A Frederick. Now one day, two brothers could be in the same rotation pitching in Baltimore.

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