Showalter talks draft

O’s manager Buck Showalter said he has talked to scouting director Joe Jordan today and that “Joe feels like he’s going to have to make a choice between two. Two guys are going to be there (that he likes).”

Showalter is very interested in all things about the game, including the draft, and was asked about his outlook for tonight where the Orioles have the fourth overall pick.

“From listening to Joe talk, we’re going to get a good player at four. Happy with all the possibilities. There are still some things shaking around. It’s changed some since yesterday Joe said,” Showalter said.

“The first round kind of drafts itself. You get it prepped out and whoever falls to you, you take your top guy on the board. It’s in very capable hands. Whoever it is, I’m sure it won’t be cheap. It’s a challenging process. A passionate time for scouts.”

Showalter also knows that there will be some players to be found after those top picks.

“Every round there is someone there that will play in the big leagues. It’s not just the first round,” he said.

Buck was asked what input he will have in the O’s draft.

“None to speak of. Mark (Connor) and I, all guys have been involved in that process in some form over the years. But the more you are involved in, the more you trust in the people that have been doing it. I answer any questions for Joe on philosophical stuff, but nothing like ‘you have to take this guy or that guy,’ ” Showalter said.

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