Wieters and Jones talk about Matusz

After he saw his pitcher, Brian Matusz, give up three homers and six runs over 4 2/3 versus the Reds, Orioles catcher Matt Wieters said some of the pitches the Reds hit looked like decent pitches from his vantage point.

“Most of the balls they hit were down. Brian’s stuff was probably the best it’s been since he’s been up which is positive,” Wieters said. “The changeup is starting to come around. He’s still going to keep working and get locked back in like we know he is going to. The velocity is starting to come up. You can take those signs into his next outing.”

But Matusz is still coming up somewhat short in the velocity department although Wieters said he is making progress.

“I think Brian has got the velocity in him, just needs to get back to where he was last year,” Wieters added. “You know it was close tonight, he was probably one mph or so off what he was last year. That is just a matter of throwing, he missed a good bit of time and (needs to) get that arm strength back up there.”

Adam Jones, who hit his 13th homer in the first inning, was asked if the players are concerned about Matusz.

“I don’t get involved with the pitching side of it. As a hitter, I leave that to the pitching coach and manager,” Jones said. “They make decisions on the pitchers, I am not in that loop.

“We know he has good stuff, just a matter of going out there and doing it.”

As for tonight’s homer-fest, with the teams combining for nine, Jones said the ball was carrying quite well this evening at the Yard.

“The damn ball was flying,” he said.

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