An update from Vlad on his injury

Orioles DH Vladimir Guerrero is not in the starting lineup for the third day in a row. Guerrero told reporters before batting practice today that his right hand has not gotten better and he did not expect to test it with any swings today.

Does he expect to go on the disabled list?

“He doesn’t know and hasn’t been told. Yes, it is broken, but he doesn’t know, no one has told him anything yet,” Guerrero’s interpreter, O’s staffer Rudy Arias told reporters gathered around Guerrero’s locker.

Guerrero has a small crack on a bone in his hand. He has played with hand injuries before but didn’t sound very optimistic about this injury.

“He’s played like that before, but he can’t swing the bat, it’s right in his hands. He did four swings yesterday and just couldn’t do it.”

Has the injury improved at all?

“No, the same,” Arias quoted Guerrero as saying.

“He’s taken two or three days off (with a hand injury before), but it’s never been broken. It’s different now.”

Guerrero said he feels the pain only when he swings. He thought he would get checked out further by team doctors before tonight’s game.

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