Busy Saturday: Two losses, two trades for the Orioles

On a day they gave up 25 runs, 35 hits, 12 runs in one inning and lost a doubleheader, I guess it wasn’t all bad on Saturday for the Orioles.

Most fans seem excited about the acquisitions the Orioles got from Texas for Koji Uehara in Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter.

No, they are not stars and no one knows if they will prove to be answers to some of this organization’s many questions, but I don’t see how anyone can find much fault with the deal.

This being a public forum, some of you have. But keep in mind, the Orioles traded a 36-year-old, one-inning reliever. While Koji has been tremendous this year, he was not going to be part of the Orioles’ long-term future. A losing team that is a long way from contending can afford to part with a setup man, especially for a pair of 25-year-old players.

To me, this was the exact type of deal the Orioles should have pursued. They are going to give Davis and Hunter chances to fill major needs at first base and in the rotation.

As I wrote a day or two ago, I wouldn’t mind seeing a huge youth movement where a bunch of 20-something types get a shot to see if they can help this team in the future.

Koji and Derrek Lee were classy on their way out. It was touching to see Koji get emotional about leaving behind his teammates and the fans of Baltimore.

Lee has been a solid pro from day one and I can now easily see how he is so respected in the game. Personally, I’d like to thank him for answering me each of the 20 or so times it seemed early in the season that I asked him about batting third while he was struggling. Each time, he patiently answered a question that probably annoyed him on the inside. He’s a good guy and just a good person.

As for Zach Britton, I still think he should stay in the majors and pitch Thursday at Kansas City when his turn next comes up.

His confidence has to be shaken at this point and he is probably questioning a lot of things. I hope he doesn’t question the club’s confidence in him. He is a nugget for the future and has too much talent to let this send his season spiraling out of control.

He has given up 17 runs (13 earned) over just one full inning over these last two starts. His ERA jumped from 3.47 to 4.56. How will he rebound from that? I say the O’s just give him the ball again in a few days and find out.

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