Decision day is looming for Luke Scott

Luke Scott may have hit two homers for Double-A Bowie last night, but don’t take that as a sign that the torn labrum in his right shoulder is feeling better.

Scott, who was activated off the disabled list and will start for the Orioles tonight, said discomfort and issues with the shoulder are still there. He said he has reached the point where he must soon make a decision whether he can play well with this injury or choose other options to get him healthy for next season.

He said he will give it a few more days before making the call.

Luke Scott and Buck Showalter comment on Scott’s future for this season

“Probably about three to five days,” Scott said in the Orioles clubhouse. “That will be plenty of time to measure whether it allows me to do a good job. It feels better (after the second cortisone shot) but that doesn’t mean it feels good. It’s a torn labrum with the tear about this big (he was holding his fingers about two inches apart). The only thing that is going to take away the pain is it being healed.”

So despite his 3-for-4, two homer and six-RBI game for Bowie last night, Scott still could soon decide to shut himself down for the season sometime over the next few days.

“No, it didn’t feel good. On pitches that I have to extend my arms, it does bother me, it has all year,” Scott said. “We are down to the point where I have to see if I can compete at this level with what I’ve got. If I can’t I have to make one of two decisions.

“If I can do well I play. If not I have to go down the road of rehab or surgery. I am gathering all the information that I can to make the best decision possible if that comes.

“It is all based on production. The pain does not affect me (that much), it’s the functionality (of the shoulder).”

Scott said that if he opted to have surgery, the recovery period would likely be four-to-six months. He could begin activity at four months and hopefully be a full go at six months.

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