Jones laments loss and Tatum talks about key at-bat in the second

After getting shutout in a game where the opponent starter walked six batters, Adam Jones was not a happy camper.

“We should have had runs off their starter. We put ourselves in the (right) situation, that’s all you can ask for,” Jones said.

He was asked if it was tough to pick up the ball out of the hand of Boston starter Andrew Miller, who pitched 5 2/3 scoreless innings as the Sox won 4-0 to take the series.

“No, not at all. We should have put so many runs on. He should not have been out there as long as he was. That’s my opinion,” Jones said.

The O’s wasted a good starting pitching effort by Jake Arrieta and that hurts.

“It does, he battled his (butt) off for six innings,” Jones said. “It’s frustrating, trust me. We wanted to come out here and take this series. It starts with that pitcher and he stayed in there longer than we wanted him in there.

“We had five or six walks? We needed at least half of those to score, but they didn’t.”

Meanwhile, catcher Craig Tatum talked about his at-bat in the second inning. He came up after Miller had walked the bases loaded and swung at the first pitch, fouling it off. Then he grounded into a double play on a 2-2 pitch to end the inning.

“It was a big momentum shift,” Tatum said. “I thought I hit the ball hard, but just hit it right to him. He (Miller) was all over the place, then I came up there. He threw me some good pitches, but I don’t know, it would have been nice to hit a fly ball or one a couple of feet different and maybe it’s a different game.

“I figured he would try to get a fastball over the plate (after three walks) and I was a little late on it. Then, the last pitch was up and away and I tried to go with it. I hit that one harder than the one I got a hit on.”

Tatum was asked about his approach there, swinging at the first pitch after the three walks.

“My approach is going to stay the same. I play once a week, so I look for the pitch that I think I can hit and he gave it to me the first pitch. I just missed it,” he said.

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