Kevin Gregg: “I hope our team always has a chip on its shoulder”

After agreeing to begin serving his suspension tonight as it was reduced from four games to three, Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg once again talked about standing up for his team when he pitched inside to David Ortiz in the last series against Boston.

“They’re a good club,” Gregg said. “But they look at us and when we try to pitch in and I think we’ve hit maybe 20 guys on the whole year and they’re in the mid 50’s and they get mad at us when we hit someone.

“In the last series we weren’t even a guy for a guy at all. Then they complained when I pitched in to David. I pitched in and got him out and there were complaints. Some time they hold themselves to a little higher standard then everybody else and I think we all should be treated equally.”

Gregg, by the way, cannot even be at the ballpark during the time he serves his suspension.

Gregg was asked if his team needs to play with a chip on its shoulder when facing the top teams in the AL East.

“I hope our team always has a chip on its shoulder. You have something to prove every time you go in the white lines. We are getting experience and stepping together as a team is all part of that,” he said.

Gregg said he spoke with AL officials and others before accepting a reduced suspension.

“I talked to the league (officials) and players association a little bit. You know, the bottom line, is doing what is in the best interest of the team. To get things done, take my time now and Ortiz is taking his time now.

“I still don’t think it’s fair that we have the same fine and suspension. But we are going to move past that point and get on with the season.”

Gregg said he did not expect any carryover effect from the last series when the teams begin this series here tonight at Camden Yards.

“I’m not going to charge a batter or nothing. We are going to make our pitches and play the game the way it should be. I don’t think there is going to be a carryover. We are going to play the game hard, try to win every game and that’s about it.

“But we lost our DH for two weeks and they lost theirs for three days. So, no, it’s not fair. But we have to play the game.”

Gregg has excellent career numbers against Boston at 2-1 with six saves, an ERA of 1.99 and batting average against of .179, but he now can’t face them in this series.

“We have these three games and we play them again. I’m not worried about that. To me, it’s not a carry over effect or anything like that. It’s about playing the game right and doing what we have to do win the ballgame,” Gregg said.

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