MacPhail indicates he wants Jordan to return as scouting director

We don’t yet know whether Andy MacPhail will return after this season as the Orioles president of baseball operations.

But if he does, MacPhail made it clear during an interview this week that he’d like director of scouting Joe Jordan to return on his staff. The contracts of both men are up after this season. Jordan took his current position in November of 2004 and has led the last seven O’s drafts.

“This thing is never going to work if Joe doesn’t do his job well,” MacPhail said. “I’ve got a lot of confidence in Joe. It’s one of those jobs where you don’t bat 1.000, but you’ve got to keep swinging.

“In the drafts I’ve been associated with here, overall, I’ve been pleased. Not perfect, but pleased. I am a fan of Joe.”

MacPhail would not say if he has begun talks on a new contract with Jordan and chose his words carefully when addressing the topic.

“I’ve talked to Joe a little bit about his circumstance. We have a pretty good understanding where we are,” he said of Jordan, whose current contract with the club runs through this coming December 31st.

There are probably many organizations where the club’s president or general manager wants some control over the draft. With the Orioles, it seems that MacPhail has let Jordan call the shots. MacPhail indicated he feels Jordan wants to return next season.

“I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but he’s been pretty straight-forward and I think he feels he’s been supported here. When he has asked for money to sign guys, he has gotten it,” MacPhail said.

Reached by phone yesterday, Jordan said he did not want to comment on his future with the team at this time, but he made it clear he has felt well-supported by club management during his time as scouting director.

There is always the chance that if MacPhail leaves the Orioles after this season that someone taking over in his position might want to hire a new scouting director.

In that sense, is Jordan’s future with the Orioles tied to MacPhail’s?

“We’ve had conversations which should stay between the two of us,” is all MacPhail would say on that topic.

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